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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Sales Mindset at Bikers Beer Factory

Thank you magazine Poduzetnik and Ognjen Bagatin for the organization, Vedran Sorić and Saša Tenodi for navigation, and Ena Rajić, Martina Boss Fitness and Saša Cvetojević for the content and view of the story of personal branding from their very personal perspective.

The Elda team attended the Sales Mindset show, yesterday, June 30, at 7 pm, which was released for the first time LIVE at the Bikers Beer Factory in Zagreb.

Apart from educating, Elda was also one of the partners with: Varteks, Kontra, Dwizards, Wiener Osiguranje, HSM informatika, Salesforce, Hrvatska poštanska banka, Porsche Inter Auto Hrvatska, Moj-eRačun, Must Espresso Croatia, Impuls-Leasing Croatia, ELDA PHARM.

We took the opportunity of this event and presented our two new products: Izy vape electronic cigarette - the latest and most advanced steaming technology that is a more elegant and 95% less harmful alternative for adult smokers and Nopik DEET FREE mosquito spray.

Of course, we did not forget to bring our quality disinfectants which, with their unique and powerful formula, destroy more than 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and microbes, and provide several hours of protection, while having a gentle and moisturizing effect on the skin.
We attach a few photos where you can see the great atmosphere.


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