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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Vaping is still safe!

Vaping industry is being looked under the magnifier lately due to unfortunate health issues and deaths linked with vaping and e-cigarettes.

As some of our colleagues from the industry have done, us too would like to give our contribution and stand in defence of vaping.

Sadly, what happens in US is badly effecting through media to european vapers and those who considered switching from smoking to vaping.

First of all - there is no reported ilness linked to vaping in EU and we are sure there will be none.

There is a huge difference between EU regulatives, which are really strict and demanding on product safety control, and US market which allows vapers more freedom on e-liquid content.

From what has been told, these sadly deceased vapers have been using black market THC (marijuana) which contain synthetic cannabinoids and they did not come from certified suppliers and manufacturers.

We would also like to support Public Health England's statement on e-cigarettes remaining less harmful than smoking tobacco. Though vaping isn't completely risk free, research conducted by Public Health England states that it is 95 % less harmful and without a doubt better for your health than cigarettes.

As a manufacturer, we guarantee safe product to our clients and we are always highlighting importance of education and fact knowing, as well as reminding our retailers not to sell to minors.

More than ever, it's important to have a product with certified ingredients and it is our obligation to conduct testing and analysis for every product which comes out of our manufacturing facility and provide documentation to our clients.

Elda Lab carries acreditation and is equipped with the world-leading producer of analytical instrumentation.

According to this, Elda Lab is delivering total e-liquid analysis for:

  • Sample preparation
  • Nicotine content determination
  • Impurities and toxicants screening
  • Carbonyl compounds content determination
  • Metal content determination
  • Customized Solutions 

Whether meeting state requirements or certifying a product, our laboratory testing eliminates potential risks and issues with e-liquid ingredients, ensuring that your e-liquids are free from suspect and harmful substances and that your product is safe for your customers.

With our acreditation, experience and good reputation, we are avouching safety of our products and offering analysis for your products as well.

There is no need for scepticism or panic towards your vaping, as long as you buy your liquids from certified and trustworthy manufacturer.

Vaping will always be less harmul than cigarettes.

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